Top Quality Tow Component Liquid Silicone Rubber To Make Stone Molds

2018-12-12 17:52:19

Our facility is now 100% fully functional, with many improvements being implemented during the move. Continues to be the #1 choice for veneer stone manufacturing companies mold supplier. Our variety of product and production capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. As always, our product and are committed in assisting our clients not only in their mold needs, but also as a leader in technical advise for business owners.

We often have clients from all over the world contact us, inquiring about our product and stone manufacturing business opportunity. Throughout our history we have helped clients in over 50 countries set-up and guide them in their business ventures. Our international clients have given us the opportunity to help them become leaders in their area, and bring to market a new product that has a very high demand. We are proud to say that the majority of clients return to us for all their mold needs despite the long distances and time differences. We sincerely appreciate all the business and relationships that we have built with our international customers and will continue to work hard to remain a leader and reliable source for all your molding needs. 

In addition to robustness and cost savings our molds provide excellent texture and general appearance as would be expected from an equivalent silicone mold. We stand behind our product 100%. You can be assured that our molds meet or exceed the requirements of the industry.