Why The Silicone Mold Will Turn To Hard And Work Bad In Tear Strength

2018-12-12 17:51:48

There always come to this phenomenon that the silicone mold are easy to pull off, which troubles the silicone mold users. It is found that because of the mold burning that makes the silicone mold hardened, and works bad in the tear strength. So now we will learn how to avoid it.


Regarding the mold burning, which is resulted from the too much duplication for the silicone mold, and also the high temperature in the application. To avoid this, we can post a layer of gauze to strengthen it, when make the mold.

In addition, when mix the unsaturated resin and resin products with the peroxide curing agent, there will produce a lot of heat in the reaction. The general resin curing time is 3 minutes. So after 3 minutes, please make de-mold as soon as possible , which can prevent the phenomenon of burning mold.